Campground Rules

Campground Rules Overview

We’ve established the following general campground guidelines to help insure your safety and your enjoyment, the same to our other guests. Those who choose not to observe these guidelines can be asked to leave our park without any form of refund.


   Any and all parties that will be riding in and on the property are required to wear a helmet. Anyone that is not wearing a helmet will be told that they are not able to ride on the property while they are visiting. ALL riders need to sign a hold harmless waiver when they arrive on the property.


Check out is at 11am for all RV’s, Cabins, and Tents.  Check in is from 3 pm to 8 pm for the Cabins and RV Rental and 12 to 8 pm for all incoming tents and RV’s.  If you are going to be late please let us know beforehand.  There will be fees applied depending on how far in advance we are made aware. Late check out may be permitted upon request.


Speed limit is strictly enforced throughout the Resort. We ask that you do no more than 10 mph on all roadways. Please observe our speed limit to ensure the safety of all our guests. Remember…children are playing!


Quiet time will be maintained between 10:00 PM and 8:00AM. Friday and Saturday hours are 11:00 PM and 8:00AM.


Guests are responsible for all behavior of children. All children under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. Persons under 18 years must be at a campsite with an adult by 10:00 PM unless attending a campground sanctioned activity or with a parent.


Pre-registered visitors are allowed on a limited, first come, first-served basis. We limit the number of visitors to control the impact to our facilities and to ensure a satisfying camping experience for all of our guests. All Day visitors must pay a fee of $10 per car load, if your guests are bringing machines it is $20 per machine. The per vehicle/per machine fee allows your visitors to access the same amenities and activities as you. Fees are subject to change based on demand. Day visitors may arrive after 9AM and stay until 10PM. Day visitors are limited to six (6) people unless approved otherwise by staff. Visitors must be accompanied by one adult camper host while on the property. Campers are responsible for their visitors’ actions at all times and authorize us to charge said account for ALL charges they incur if they are not paid. Fee for an overnight guest is $ 10 per person and shall be paid to the office upon arrival.


The game room will be open from 8 am to 10 pm.  Please be respectful and clean up after yourself as this is communal space. No child under the age of 12 is to be in the Rec Hall without the supervision of an adult.


Guests may not hang laundry or clothes outside the camping unit. There is a washer and dryer located in the laundry room in the Rec Hall for use. We do not provide your detergents and dryer sheets. 


In order to ensure safety after dark, please carry a flashlight. 


Absolutely no firearms or fireworks are allowed on the property! The following are also NOT permitted on property: unlawful weapons, fireworks, firecrackers, slingshots, bows & arrows, pellet guns, toy guns or anything that could be mistaken as a weapon.


The open consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the family areas of the campground/resort. Where permitted, alcoholic beverages must be kept in a concealed container. Under no circumstances will minors, as determined by state and local law, be served or allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at the campground/resort.


Smoking is permitted at individual sites only. There is no smoking in any common areas inducing but not limited to cabins, pool areas, playgrounds, laundry, bathhouse, game rooms, outside sitting areas, and green spaces.  This is strictly enforced.


Two vehicles are permitted per site provided they fit within the site dimensions and NOT ON EMPTY SITES. There can be no parking on any street or blocking of other sites. Any vehicle (car, golf cart, watercraft, etc.) parked illegally is subject to being towed (at owner’s expense), and/or locked. Management is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss to either person or property. The owner/management of Nature’s Wilderness RV Lodge absolve themselves from all liability and responsibility pertaining to loss by fire, theft, weather, acts of God, property damage, accident or any other cause whatsoever, and guests agree to save, protect and hold harmless Nature’s Wilderness Resort RV Lodge from all such liability.


All recreational vehicles must be currently registered and maintained in good condition and in running order. All recreational vehicles must be driven by a licensed operator. Natures Wilderness Resort must approve any RV 10 years and older prior to making reservations. No RV deemed to be in “poor” condition (e.g., broken or cracked windows, flat tires, rusted, badly dented, or in need of paint) will be allowed in the RV Resort. Approved recreational vehicles include: Class A, Class B and Class C Motorhomes, fifth wheels, hard sided travel trailers and toy haulers are all permitted. All RV’s must be leveled and supported with the proper equipment.


The following are grounds for reservation termination and removal from the property: loud noise, whether mechanical, musical or vocal, use of foul or indecent language, causing damage to property of the campground or another person, drunken disorderly conduct, failing to follow rules, failing to follow directions of the property staff, threatening or abusive behavior, or any other conduct that is not the type of behavior that is expected at a campground. Customers are responsible for all damage or destruction of property, and any injury to persons, caused by the guest of his or her family, visitor or pets. We reserve the right to charge guests accordingly for any damage they cause to the grounds and/or campground/resort facilities, including but not limited to broken waterlines, damaged/missing sewer connections, cable lines, landscaping, and excessive debris (bottle caps, zip ties, cigarette butts, etc.).


There is no smoking in any of the cabins at Nature’s Wilderness Campground.  If it has been discovered that someone in your party has smoked inside the cabin a fee will be applied.  Smoking is allowed outside the cabins but please dispose of your butts properly. For more information on our smoking policy please see the smoking rules under general campground rules. Please clean up all trash both in and around your cabin prior to checking out. Trash bags are provided under the sink of every cabin. If litter is found around your cabin after checking out a fee will be applied. 


Tent sites are located throughout the property. Our sites are large enough to set up a large tent with a picnic table and firepit. 


Customers may bring usual household pets such as dogs and cats to a campground and resort. No other animals, livestock, poultry, reptiles, insects or exotic pets are permitted. All pets must be registered with the office and vaccination records must be available upon request, and all pets must wear a collar identifying the owner and phone number. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and under the control of their owner. Pets must not be left tied or otherwise unattended at any time. For the protection of, and in consideration to other persons, noisy, aggressive, vicious, unruly or poisonous pets are not allowed at a campground and resort. Persons who are unable to control their pets must remove them from the campground and resort, or the animal may be taken to/by local animal control authorities. The owner of any pet is responsible for any injuries or damages caused by their pets. In addition, the owner of any pet that causes injury or damages to another is expected to resolve the issue directly with the injured party. We are not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by pets. Guests are responsible for their pets and should “clean up” after them. All pet droppings must be properly disposed of in a trash receptacle. If we incur expenses in excess of any “pet fee” paid by the guest, the guest will be required to reimburse us for those expenses. Pets are not permitted in the public buildings or amenity areas, including but not limited to the bathrooms, clubhouse, and swimming pool area. Pets will be allowed in certain rental units. Please note that any guest wishing to bring a pet and use a rental unit must advise Reservations of this fact when making their reservation arrangements. Service animals may accompany a disabled person without any proof of disability or certification for the service animal and without payment of any pet fee or other surcharge. Service animals are permitted in buildings, swimming areas, and other locations where pets are prohibited. Pet policies may vary and are subject to change without notice. 


Campfires are not to be built anywhere except the fireplace on the site and MUST be attended AT ALL TIMES. If dry and windy, inquire at the office before you light the fire – in case of a fire ban.


Please help us protect our trees. DO NOT cut on or down any trees or plants on property. We have wood for purchase at 3 locations on property 1. Bathhouse in glamping area 2. Near Pool along road 3. At the Rec Hall. The wood is supplied by an outside party so to be able to purchase wood you must place the required payment into the receptacle on the side of the rack and take a bundle from the stack.


   The pool is an amenity we offer and there are some rules that we must ask that you follow. Please NO Diving, NO pets within the pool area, NO running around the pool, NO rough housing while using the pool either to ensure that there are no injuries, there is NO lifeguard on duty at the pool so please follow basic safety rules while using the pool. The pool is NOT monitored by a lifeguard. Swim and enjoy at your own risk. All children under the age of 16 must be supervised when using the pool and amenities.


WiFi is provided for your convenience. The bandwidth here at Nature’s Wilderness RV Lodge is limited due to our rural location. Therefore, the WiFi should NOT be expected to function the same as your home or work networks.


Snapping of photos and filming is often conducted during certain times and events here at Nature’s Wilderness RV Lodge. You may appear in pictures or film that may be used in advertising, news reporting, public relations, or other activities regarding the Campground. Reservations here at the campground, and or a visitor’s pass constitutes your consent for Nature’s Wilderness to use any pictures or films it deems appropriate without payment, inspection, or review.


Advance reservations strongly recommended.Holiday weekends and rentals require a minimum stay. Reservations require a payment in full at the time of booking with a credit card.

All reservations are subject to a $10.00 non-refundable cancellation fee. Confirmation of reservation will be e-mailed after payment is received. If your payment is not received within the specified time, we will assume that you no longer want the reservation, and it will be canceled without notice. We do our best to honor site requests whenever possible. However, we also reserve the right to change sites without notification unless there is a lock fee in place. Refunds are given if notified of cancellation prior to the reservation arrival date by email or phone.

NO refund or credit is available if you cancel within 7 nights prior to your arrival date, if you do not show up, or if you leave early. All rentals are clean when you check in, and we ask they are that way when you vacate. We NO LONGER accept Cash, we do accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and most Debit Cards. Regretfully, we cannot accept personal or business checks during your stay or at the time of check-in. 

For Fire or Emergency – Dial 911 and give Nature’s Wilderness RV Lodge Campground name and your location on the property.

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