About Us

And the Man that made this all possible

In Loving Memory Of

Scott A Efron

“The man behind the magic”

Nature’s Wilderness Resort

We are more than a campground, we are family. There is a lot to be said for a location where you can enjoy family, and friends as well as make great memories in the process. Our campground was created for that very reason, created by one man and his best friend, having a dream to create a place where families can go set up camp, vacation, relax, ride their ATV’s, dirt bikes, and do some off roading, but most of all to just have fun being together without having to leave. Creating a place where nothing was more important than spending time together, and creating family re-connection along the way was what he wanted to do and we feel that he was successful.

Meet Scott A Efron

The man behind the magic

Scott, a Veteran with the Marines, a husband, father, and hard working man, and loyal friend, spent his earlier years working hard, and raising a family, it was always in his heart to be a good person to his friends and family. Scott lost his wife and mother of his children when they were teens, unexpectedly, and after their loss he did his best to be a good father and make sure his children knew they were loved. He wanted to do something grand in his wifes memory, something that his kids could have to remember them after they were gone. They had always dreamed of creating a place that family could spend time together and enjoy the wilderness together, so Scott decided he would do just that and create a place that was more than a campground. And so the creation of Nature’s Wilderness LLC begun.

This is a place where you can ride your ATV’s, Camp, stay in a State of the Art Glamping Cabin, or even just stay in a tent. There is fishing, boating, swimming, and even paddle boats and Kayaks that you can use and explore the large pond at the entrance. There is a game room on site that is equipped with a variety of activities and fun for all ages. Scott wanted to know that no matter how old you were that you would come here to his dream location and just enjoy it all. There is so much to be said about what is here that the only way to really understand its beauty is for you to experience the location yourself. So come stay with us and see how one man’s dream has become a reality.

Unfortunately Scott was taken from us unexpectedly in 2020, and he was unable to see the success it is today, however it is our honor to keep his dream alive. We hope that you will come and visit us soon and see how his dream has become a reality!!

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